Gasoline vapour recovery system VARECO VENT/ TSF-013

VARECO VENT/ TSF is an activated carbon gasoline vapour recovery system at fuel delivery points. It allows a recovery rate up to 99% of the vaporized fuel and meets with the 20. and 21. BImSchV (Federal Pollution Control Regulation).

Mechanical Design
VARECO VENT/ TSF consists of three parts, namely the process part, the cooling and the control unit. The process part includes all the main equipment, such as vacuum pumps, condensate trap, activated charcoal, solenoid valves, etc. and is designed for use in areas with explosive atmospheres (Ex zones). The system is built as a module in a steel cabinet and can be extended with additional individual modules. The system is prefabricated, preassembled and tested and can be installed easily on a foundation.

Process Description
VARECO VENT/ TSF works with the adsorption forces of the activated carbon. Adsorption is the process of accumulation and concentration of a liquid or gas to a solid surface. By the excess pressure in the fuel tank, the fuel vapour enriched air flows through the condensate trap. There the vapours condense mostly to liquid fuel. The remaining vapours flow with the air through the activated carbon filter. The activated carbon absorbs the fuel vapours like a sponge, so that only clean air comes out of the system. After the air cleaning process the activated carbon is regenerated directly and automatically by reversing the process (desorption). The vacuum pump generates the low pressure required for this purpose.
The recovered product is collected in the condensate trap and returned into the storage tank.

The maximum capacity of the plant (1 module) is 50 m³/h gases.

Emission Limit
The emission limit of the system is less than 35g hydrocarbon/m³.

Technical Data
Vacuum pump
Power supply: AC 380V / 400V
Power: 2.2kW
Performance: 1000 l/min
Temperature of the gas: up to 50°C
Certification: ATEX EX II 1/2 G IIB3 T3 / T4

Activated carbon filter
Total weight: 90kg
Weight of activated carbon: 60kg
Refrigeration unit
Power supply: AC 380V / 400V 50Hz
Power: 2.6kW or 4.24kW
Cooling capacity: 5.1kW or 9.29kW
Ambient temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Fluid: Water/Glykol
Refrigerant: R410A
Dimensions (w x h x d): 1450 x 1830 x 1750mm
Weight: 800kg
Power supply: AC 400V - 5kW or 7kW
Connection cable: 5G5
Performance: 50m³/h
Pipe connections
Connection vapour: G 2"
Connection liquid: G 1"
Certifications: TUV / ATEX